The Duck Dive Bundle

🎵 Double Vision 🎵
Monday Mules: 10.5″x33.5″ Acrylic on Masonite. The two Draft Lineup boards: 10.625″ x 36″ Chalk on Masonite Chalkboards.

               I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet! Back in February I updated The Pacific Beach Duck Dive Draft Lists and created a new Monday Specials board via acrylics and masonite. The second draft lists board was pretty beat-up, especially near the top, so I opted to redo the logo, kinda’ quick n’ dirty. People would hold the board by the top, thereby smudging it greatly… sigh. I also just discovered (or maybe just rediscovered) the emoji & symbols feature on a Mac. 😏 I have plenty more updates to post, so I will be posting within the next couple days, more chalk art.  Thanks so much for dialing in & stay tuned ✓

☆ Mario Star! ☆
25″x25″ Acrylic on board.