Jinkies, A New Taco Tuesday Board!

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33.5″ x 21.5″

          Zoinks! The chalkboard in action!… So, it’s all cool nowadays to contour typography inside silhouette images, a-la a buffalo or some other wild animal, a piece of fruit, or a vehicle. I paired this idea with retro-y colors, organic hand-lettering, & for the pièce de résistance, a classic Volkswagen Bus. Truth-be-told, the silhouette is an amalgamation of slightly different era VW Busses, but still wanted to keep that classic vibe.

          I initially had a different layout. The Bus was towards the bottom of the board, with multiple surfboards haphazardly stacked atop. In between surfboards I had written the specials, also haphazard, bending & curving as if they too, were boards themselves. I had a lot of lettering going on with little, tiny dash marks towards the middle of every letter. I had the “starting at 4” within a circle towards the top right-hand corner, much in the style of the “taco tuesday” signage inside the VW. This was meant to depict a sense of whimsy, & amusement. After much consulting however, it was thought that that design looked too busy & potentially could not be clearly read from across the room.

Original Design Rough.