Exercise In Futility

Exercise In Futility

So my latest crafty side-project was a major fail.  I thought I’d make a shag rug for my bathroom, no problem, pretty easy, right?  All the how-to, DIYs I’ve seen & read make it look easy, after all.

That’s it towards the top of the picture.  Two feet in diameter, that took me hours & hours, days & days to do! (off & on… mainly ’cause I didn’t want to deal with all the fraying!)  And it’s not even close to being half-way done.  Next to the round mesh at the top, to it’s left, on the couch, lays a gray plastic bag of the navy-blue & white towel supply I used.  Reading blog DIYs, it’s like, oh yeah, it takes a couple hours, but just watch a movie while you do this… first-of-all, it takes days, second-of-all, you’re missing the movie or show, because you’re focused on doing this project!

The problem with old bath towels… they shed!!!  They fray!  Everywhere!  And not unlike insanity, I just kept going thinking it would change, or stop snowing towel parts.  I would hold that grippy meshing with what I’ve already done, jiggle it in the air, & down frayed towel pieces would come, like it was snowing towel.  Now, I was using a little bit of white towel too, but that didn’t seem to fray as much.  It was a different brand & a different consistency, but I’m not taking any chances now!

After drudging through this, I had to cut-my-losses & just stop.  I bought towels just to have a specific color scheme too.  This picture is just a snippet of the mess that was made.  The fraying got all over my lap, my body, then I would track it everywhere in the house!  What a nightmare. Luckily, our vacuum just got fixed… and our coffee table is a mess too, but that’s beside the point.

Upon reading more “how-to’s,” I guess old t-shirts are the way to go, but I wanted to feel that awesome terry cloth feeling below my feet after getting out of the shower.  I feel like t-shirt pieces would not be as fluffy, & maybe take longer to dry.  Maybe, like my parents would say, I should dry myself off before getting out of the shower.

So I took all the strips of terry cloth out of the mesh (in case I want to revisit this project in the future).  Taking the rug apart, like so many things I guess, was way quicker than having to put on the piddly amount of towel strips on the meshing you see before you.  Now I gotta’ search thrift stores for old, navy-blue shirts… or just buy one off Etsy… or just buy a regular bath mat from a department store & be done with it.  Ain’t nobody got time for this.  Fail for sure.