Pancakes & Booze Art Show, San Diego, Cali

Saturday night, June 27th, ’15.
Cow, Pig, Chicken! 8x10
Thank you Jessie Thornsteinson for taking the pic! Cow, Pig, Chicken, 8″x10″ paper collages, framed.

Pancakes & Booze Art Show, 57 Degrees Beer & Wine Bar, San Diego.  My first participation in an art exhibition.  Good times!  Hope they don’t run out of forks next time! Oh, next time, November 7th.  Will I participate?  Will I not?  Remains to be seen.  Some cool artists there though.  This is a little ridiculous, but it’s just dawning on me that I don’t have pictures of other participating artists!  Argh!… next time.  I actually bought a Harry Potter book, with the soft-cover, cover & spine re-imagined/illustrated, by Tim Prettyman, out of Los Angeles.  Really. cool. style.