Animated Gifs

Sooo… apparently, animated gifs don’t work when adding as a banner, or “header,” if-you-will…  I spent days… days researching a design & learning how to animate a gif through Photoshop, instead of Flash, which probably would have just been easier for me, since I already knew the technique for the latter.  Yes, various YouTube tutorials later, I get what is in the header now, blue waves, except that what is pictured above is just one of ten frames, which, strung together make a jiggly, “moving” wavy effect.  Sheesh, time well-spent I s’pose.  

This was all supposed to be for my “store-front…” banner, which is said to accept gifs… apparently not animated ones though.  So I placed it here, except that didn’t work either… good times.  Also, I guess I’ve been saying “gif” wrong.  It’s a soft “g,” like Jiff peanut butter, not I dunno… giraffe.  Eghhh.