Yoga Mural Uno

Yoga Mural Uno

Meditate Yo'
Namaste, namaste, mama coo-sta
Peaceful Y'all
Size reference time guys… size reference.

Catalyst Physical Therapy & Wellness Yoga Room.  The Namaste pose y’all!  One of three large… large-esc mural paintings I created on the wall.  Next up, the Mermaid pose, & lastly, but not leastly, aptly-named, rolls off the tongue, Half Lord of The Fishes pose.  

It was a lot more time-consuming & difficult than I had imagined (as always).  Line art is kinda challenging to pull off.  Paint pens did not work at all (but would have been so quick & easy). I ended up buying extra heavy, titanium white paint (definitely not zinc white, as it was too dull).  I applied multiple coats so the wall color would not show through (& so it would pop off the wall more).  I feel like a non-line-art mural would have been easier (more coverage area n’ all, & I would have gessoed the area too).  Hopefully though,  this still looks badass.  

Thank you to Kristen Settineri, one of the yoga instructor extraordinaires at Catalyst PT & Wellness for posing next to the painting so as to give a size-reference, or size-comparison of the piece. Much appreciated!!! 😀