Catalyst Physical Therapy & Wellness Grand Re-Opening Party

Catalyst Physical Therapy & Wellness Grand Re-Opening Party


Not the number 30!

Their Logo... Yo'

Friday night, January 30th, 2015.  Was asked to create an art piece for their raffle give-away.  Kind-of a lot of pressure!  Create something that’s no big deal, but something cool enough that the winner would be stoked to get, as opposed to looking at it & being like, wtf???  Luckily, the winner was very enthused, but I forgot to get a picture with her & the painting! Argh.

So just a brief background about Catalyst Physical Therapy and Wellness…  Proprietor Brian and his staff are all about taking a holistic approach to your physical therapy needs. They now offer a specialized yoga method, focusing with beginners (and the more experienced alike) in conjunction with their physical therapy needs.  The same is true for their massage therapy and acupuncture departments.  Throughout one’s visits, different physical therapists will have a chance to look you over, as each one brings their own perspective.  The staff family here emphasize collaboration with each other in helping you through whatever pain ales you, & whatever preventative measures you’d like to take, in keeping your body active and healthy…  and Dug the dog is really cool too!