Cow, Pig, Chicken Revisited: Pt. 1: Chicken

Cow, Pig, Chicken Revisited: Pt. 1: Chicken


8″x 10″ Chicken Collage

So I have this series of paintings, “Cow, Pig, Chicken,” that I was compelled to recreate in collage form, of all things.  I was never quite satisfied with the end-result of the previous work (as I hardly ever am), but I thought I could do something about this.  Others have revisited their subject matter multiple times in the past, why can’t I?    

I wanted a more graphic, bold look, something outlined in black, for starters.   So here is the first completed piece, made from the pages of an old book & craft paper from the art store.  I used “Antique Matte Mod Podge” to put it all together.  I used an extra flat-boarded canvas I had laying around to put it all together.  The board was  8″x 10″, which was perfect, even if it was on a smaller scale then I usually like.  I knew I wanted an appropriate frame to accompany it (adding to it’s size), without having to spend a lot of money on a custom-sized frame, from a weird-sized piece of art, say.  I’ve finally learned this lesson, after having wanted to frame old pieces, to find that only custom-made frames would work for their odd size canvases! arghhh!

I’m finishing up the “Pig” collage, which is pretty exciting.  I’ve even found a matching frame for the look & feel of the piece.  Overall, I’m trying to give them a unifying antiquey-vibe.  Kinda old, retro, but graphic and fresh. 😉 (…i know, emoticons {:-/  sheesh)

Simultaneously, I am working on creating murals for Catalyst Physical Therapy & Wellness Clinic, based out of Point Loma, San Diego, California.  Kinda of a start-up pt clinic, but very reputable, with a close-knit team of legit, knowledgable physical therapists that have impressive backgrounds.  The owner Brian, created the place to be warm and inviting, with lots of reclaimed wood, wooden floors, with a touch of an industrial, flare, if-you-will.  It’s pretty awesome.  For this project, I’m heavily influenced with the work of Dana Tanamachi, out of New York.  She does a lot of hand lettering, especially on walls, and chalk art, which will blow your mind… google it!  Anyway, I could go off on a tangent writing about this project (like I haven’t already) which I am very excited about, but this post is supposed to be about my cow, pig, chickens!  Sooo, I’ll write and post pics about this pt clinic project at a later, but sooner… date.  

bCalck bCalck!
8″x 10″ Chicken Collage Framed