Trolling The Internet

Going online baby!Troll!Hey, hey there, all y’all!  So I’m back with another post, finally, right?  So my neighbor Jon came to me one day.  He said, “Hey!  I need this awesome illustration.  And your’e the man to do it!  And I will pay you handsomely!… and with beer!”  And so it was that I acquested to his request.  

Jon was to make a t-shirt out of these illustrations.  The backside of the t-shirt would show the illustration of the guy sitting at his computer.  The front of the shirt would show the man for who he really is, a monstrous troll, most probably participating  in unsavorily acts through inappropriate means!!!   (or was it the other way around?…hmm)

And so it was, that I illustrated these up, on 9″x12″ canvas pads, using acrylic paint pens, & acrylic… regular paints.  John was pleased with the results, & so was I.  I should check in with him actually, to see if he’s made the t-shirt yet.  And I still haven’t gotten my beer!