Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

Flip-Off 24″x 36″ Mixed Media on Canvas

Happy New Year y’all!  I put this Johnny Cash together for a friend as a Christmas present to her friend, a few days before Christmas.  I hope he likes it… haven’t heard back…

24″x 36″ on canvas, the original iconic photo taken by Jim Marshall in 1969 at San Quentin Prison… Cash, flippin’ the bird.  I put a Shepard Fairey-esc twist on the piece.  And there you have it, contemporary-pop on a classic photo.  My favorite part is probably the guitar detail… or his hair.  It looks like it’s on fia’!

This piece is a mixture of Photoshop, Mod Podge (extra-glossy), and house paint!  Next time, with more time and money, spring for the epoxy-resin instead of the Mod Podge.  It’s a lot smoother and easier to work with!  The finish product came out all lumpy!  I used latex paint from Lowe’s just to match the existing color on Cash himself, as I painted the background.  It was also difficult to paint the half-tone, spotlight looking highlight in the corner.  All those perfect circles!  Maybe next time I stencil or something, although that would be time-consuming as well.  Oh well.