North Park Festival of Arts

Hey y’all & a hydi hey!  Finally, an art-related post not about me!  Saturday, May 18th, 2013, North Park in San Diego, California held their 17th annual, free North Park Festival of Arts.  

Here, they closed off a few blocks and set up some booths, or tents for artists, musicians, & food vendors alike!  Similar to Little Italy’s annual art-walk, this has a community/up-&-coming feel (I know, it’s been 17 years).  There were several choices for food, such as Tastes of East Africa, who also sets up & grills at San Diego State University.  Food trucks were also a-plenty.  I recommend a good food truck finder app to track down food trucks near you.  Any of the apps will do, as long as it’s free!  

Shout out to a friend of mine, Stefano Romano, who had an art booth in there, spreading his illustrative, character art out there for the masses!  He also displays at Ray At Night art walk, second Saturday night of every month from 6-10pm, in North Park, off, oddly enough, off Ray Street.  

There were so many great artists, from Sarah Stieber, who’s art was chosen as the poster for the event this year, to Denisse Wolf, a first-time displayer at this event.  Both painters have a vibrant & colorful, fun & highly stylized technique!  I love it baby!  Check them out at &  I also took a picture of Maynard Breese’ work, Soaring To You.  His work is very imaginative, dark, and surreal.  Much of his work also has a textured, very subtle underwater feel, which is really trippy!  His work can be found at  

There were beer gardens as well, although i did not partake.  🙁  It was good times.  Next year I’d love to set up a booth there!

June first, there’s an Adam’s Avenue 2 mile art walk.  I foresee me checking this festival out.  This one is open later, at 10pm, should be pretty coolio.

Northpark Fest Poster
Soaring To You
Stefano, yeeaah buddy
Tastes of East Africa
Gettin’ down with some grillin!’
Gold Statue-Dude
Statue’s not fooling nobody. That dude’s a man in disguise!