Twine Pendant Lamp Fail!

Twine Pendant Lamp Fail!

Twine Lamp Fail
Epic Fail

Okay, I posted it!  That’s right!  So this is what I’ve learned… don’t over-wrap your twine lamp!… it gets heavy!  2ndly, easy on the flame-retardant spray!  Better yet, don’t use the spray & just use LED lights!  Argh!  All that time & energy, down the drain.  I guess it counts for experience, right?  Who else would post their failed project for all to see?… hu? 

But alas, I will start anew.  This time, I’m just going to wrap the beach ball in random directions.  Wrapping horizontally like this was pretty difficult.  I had to wrap the top half one day, wait for it to dry a day, turn it upside down, then wrap the bottom-half, which is now facing up.  Otherwise, the twine will just slip off if you try to wrap the bottom half in this horizontal fashion, due to gravity, you dig?  Anyways, this was a long, drawn-out, extremely messy undertaking, taking place on two separate occasions. 

Also, in keeping the lamp light-weight, I’m only going to wrap a few strands of twine around the beach ball, leaving gaping holes.  So what if the light bulb shows through!  Lastly, trying to dip your ball in paint, is a lot more difficult that it seems.  I’m just going to take a paint brush to it.  Very simple, yes???  Keep It Simple Stüp?  (See what I did there?…love the chance to insert an umlaut… umlaut action baby!)  So what was the main theme here?  Heavy baad, light goood.