My Monkey Fist Knot… Doorstop!

My Monkey Fist Knot… Doorstop!

DIY Monkey Fist Knot Doorstop

Hey you guuuys!  I know I said I’d have an update on the twine pendant-lamp.  And the update is… I’ve decided I should spray it down with this flame-retardant spray I found at the good ole’ neighborhood fabric store.  I just gotta find a well ventilated place in which to hang the lamp.

In the meantime, I bought some rope and made this monkey fist knot, doorstop!  I like some open windows throughout the house from time to time, but every so often, doors slam on their own (or from the ghosts???).  So after some Googling,  I found instructions for this project through  Basically,  I cut a slit into an old tennis ball, put some pebbles in, and inserted the tennis ball in the middle of this monkey fist knot, while the rope was loose.  Then I tucked the loose end of the rope into the knot, creating a handle.  I then finished tightening the knot.  The rope I used was a 12 foot,  5/8 inch thick, and made of sisal!  And yes, I YouTubed instructions on how to tie the knot.  This project costs around $10.

Finally, I cut the excess rope off with pruning sheers, which worked awesomely.  Don’t have pruning sheers, you say???  Well, I just asked the guy in the rope isle at Lowe’s for the assist.  He actually walked away, sort of abruptly.  Should I follow him?  Should I just stand there holding my rope, lookin’ like a fool?  That’s right, I chose the latter.  I thought I was left to my own devices.  Maybe use their electric-wire, rope-cutting – only to be used by employees, not customers, tool thing, they have mounted there to cut the excess rope myself, but then the guy came back with pruners!  Sweet.  Now the breeze can blow free of door slams, throughout my  humble abode. 

You may have noticed, the empty 16.9 ounce water bottle sitting there.  Well, that’s not just trash on the floor.  No, that’s to illustrate size difference of course!  Anyway, I’m going to try one more, smaller doorstop.  I have an old billiards ball and 3/8 inch thick sisal rope. 

I have an update on my hearing-impaired movie theater menu:  some guy from corporate doesn’t like the design! ‘Says it’s too childish looking, or something along those lines.  What do they expect, with combo deals named “Hot Diggity Combo,” and the ever-so reticent, “Starrific Combo?”  He wants a more sophisticated design??  Anyway, he wants me to do it over.  Of course he didn’t relay any of this to me in person.  I’ll do it over, when they pay me for designing and putting in the work.  That’s all I’m sayin’. 

Anyhew…  I’ll also have a picture of the finished pendant lamp very soon, I promise.  Thanks for reading my ramblings guys!  Until next time, toodloo.  🙂