Twine Lamp
Twine Pendant Lamp – In Progress

Okayyy, hurrayyy!  Sooo, it’s time for another semiregular, biweekly, art-related update!  I guess this is the hot new trend out there in diy land, the Twine-Ball Pendant Lamp!  Just grab your corn starch, Elmer’s Glue, some flour, & some warm water, mix it in a big bowl, and run your twine through.  I wrapped mine around a 13″ beach ball, pre-treated with Pam, non-stick, cooking spray.  This was very, very, messy, and is more complicated, and time-consuming that it looked.  I had to wrap the top half one day and let it dry.  I came back the next day, turned it over, and wrapped the remaining portion.   Otherwise, if I had wrapped the bottom portion, it would have just slipped off!  If you wrap the twine all willy-nilly, however, I’m sure you’d get away with wrapping the beach ball in one sitting.  I also didn’t want to leave so many holes, so it also got a little heavy.  After 24 hours of drying time, I let the air out of the beach ball, and carefully took it out.  I basically YouTubed, and Googled different diy techniques.  I combined what I thought were the best instructions. 

One key thing though, I already had an old paper lantern.  From that, I cut away the top, metal ring and also I utilized the cross-piece of metal wire, which usually extends down the paper lantern and stabilizes the round structure.  I cut away the vertical, wire-stabilizing, portions, threw that away.  While I paper machéd on the ball, I intertwined the twine around the metal ring.  So now I have the hardware in which to hang the pendant lamp, when I’m finished.  I shall return, sooner, rather than later, with a finished photo.  I plan on painting the bottom fifth or so, a bright, lime green, “Chartreuse,” if you will… we’ll see how that goes.  I’m wondering what kind of finish I should cover it in.  Paint it with a gloss acrylic varnish?  I was thinking a fire-retardant spray from a fabric store.  I’m just not sure.  I don’t knowwww, does anyone knowww