Happy New Year Snoop-A-Loop

In Process
Snoop In The Process

Hey, finally a Snoop Dogg update.  So I peeled off the rubber masking, revealing the greenness within!  I know the surrounding looks black.  It’s just the layers of color washed over.  If I had this next to something that’s actually black, the difference is definite.  🙂  I also went in & painted green dots.  Now, all that’s left is to mix & pour the clear epoxy resin over the painting.  I’ve never experimented with epoxy resin.  Hopefully, I don’t ruin the painting!  Oh!  Latino Film Festival Poster Contest update!  I did not win.  I can’t imagine why not!  I think I see the kind of designs they go for though, so next year I can cater the design towards their asthetic.  Happy New Year!!!